eVise, Inc.
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  • FocusWe manage business technology
    so you can manage your business.

  • StrategyDecisions are dictated by resources.
    More resources, more options.

  • ExecuteDo what you do well.
    Expect the same from us.

Managed Business Technology

eVise can manage your business applications, or your entire computing infrastructure. We will also help you cut your IT expenses while increasing your security, accessibility and performance.

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Ecommerce Management

Ecommerce transactions are a vital profit center for today's business. eVise can help you ensure uptime and performance for your ebusiness systems while bolstering your security and decreasing recovery time.

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Ecommerce Consulting

Decisions about Ecommerce platforms can undermine a project before it goes live. eVise will help you assess your needs and make the right ecommerce decisions based on busness requirements - instead of platform bigotry.

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IT Consulting & Training

Project based consulting and training services are still an integral part of the eVise service lineup. Whether your company is in need of technology assessment, implementation, recovery or training services, eVise can help.

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Technology is only worth the value it brings to the company who puts it to use. Misguided technology is nothing more than cost without return.

eVise believes wholeheartedly in the value, reliability and worthiness of our services. We are positive that, regardless of the size of your organization, we can improve your computing infrastructure reliability, scalability, performance and security. We can do this while lowering your IT costs and increasing ROI.

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Service Highlights

  • FREE IT Cost Assessment
    eVise is offering to conduct a free IT costs assessment. If we don't find ways to cut your costs by at least $500 per month, we'll also conduct a free security assessment. read more
  • FREE Server Security Audit
    Find out how your servers withstand common security threats from the inside and outside. We'll present the findings along with recommended steps to secure each server. read more