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Ecommerce Consulting, Development &
Management Services

Creating and maintaining a successful ecommerce venture requires more than just a shopping cart on a website. Ecommerce success can pay huge dividends in increased revenue, lower cost to market and broader market footprint. The pros outweigh the cons 1000 to 1... but a misquided ecommerce system deployment can cost you an enormous amount of time and money to recover from. The first stop for most companies interested in creating or expanding their web presence to include ecommerce is a website developer or designer. While there are many qualified and capable website profesionals available, their job is to sell you what they know. Website designers and developers typically work with one or two technologies. With a growing list of website platforms and technologies available to you, it is important to understand what fits your business model the best and how that system will scale with your business as it grows. eVise Ecommerce Consulting is an end-to-end service that guides you through the four phases of an ecommerce project cycle:

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Design & Development
  • Management & Marketing
  • Scaling & Reassessment

eVise will gladly help you assess and make preliminary recommendations for your ecommerce needs free of charge. Our ecommerce consulting services are typically provided as a fixed price project. We can provide you turn-key services and guide you from concept to completion - or we can work with third party designers and developers of your choice.

Ecommerce Consulting Information Request

We know we can help you create a successful ecommerce venture. Contact us today to get a free project evaluation and requirements analysis. If eVise is not the best fit for your project, we'll not only tell you upfront, but we'll help you find a firm that is well suited to your needs.