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  • Our business is about technology So your technology can be about business.

Business Technology Should Be About Business

eVise began as a small IT consulting firm specializing in small and medium sized organizations. The firm successfully leveraged experience and knowledge from large Fortune 1000 enterprises to assist small and medium organizations in making the most of their IT budget, and to implement and manage competitive technology. In November of 2000, eVise began a new initiative based around a budding sector of IT services known as Application Service Provision (ASP). While most ASPs were making huge capital investments in facilities and infrastructure, aiming at large corporate contracts and banking on the speculative fast rise of this new IT services sector, eVise focused on small organizations in need of technology but caught in the technical catch 22. These organizations knew that new technology was necessary for them to grow, and possibly to survive, but could not effectively manage their existing technology or afford the high cost of qualified technical employees. eVise offered these organizations a full scale network infrastructure, management of their environment and resources, and provided ongoing consultation for little more than the technology alone would have cost them. These companies were no longer caught in the technical catch 22; now they could afford not only the technology, but also the qualified management of their technical resources.

eVise soon realized that the same methodology used to help small organizations compete on a technical level with large organizations could also provide the agility, maneuverability and a shortened time-to-investment-return that so many large organizations lacked and desperately needed. While many of the large ASPs were disappearing, leaving their customers with no answers about the security and accessibility of their data and resources, eVise began to separate itself from the simple ASP genre. Today, eVise services include complete outsourcing solutions for business technology infrastructure as well as ecommerce and security management.

  • eVise is not a typical "canned services" provider.
    eVise is dramatically different than most firms providing "Managed Services". Our focus is not on the technology that we want you to use, but rather on the technology that is best for your business. eVise will take the time to learn how you use technology, and tailor our services to your specific business needs.

what we do

eVise is a Research Triangle Park (RTP) based Managed Services Provider (MSP) whose focus is proactive management of our clients information technology. We provide services internationally and have developed management and support techniques that allow us to respond to 99% of technology issues immeditately from our NOC. This eliminates the need to dispatch a technician and incur longer outages or loss of productivity. Our "Mean Time to Recovery" rates are unmatched... because we build our services around the knowledge that when you need us to intervene, your business is depending on our response time. In fact, our hosted and managed customers enjoy the security of knowing that even if they experience catastrophic server failure they will usually be back up within 1 hour.

Our clients are confident in their operating envronment and know that the security of their business information systems is in reliable hands. Here are some of the benefits that eVise services provide our clients: