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Managed Service Offerings

Whether you prefer to keep your technology assetts in your office, have them hosted in our datacenter, or migrate to cloud based resources eVise has a Managed Service Level to fit your IT needs.
  • Cloud Systems Migration & Management

    Business systems for small, medium and large companies are rapidly migrating to cloud based servers and resources. eVise can help your business reap the benefits of cloud based infrastructure without security and user experience concerns. Companies who have moved to cloud infrastrucutre are enjoying significantly lower cost of ownership while also eliminating the need to purchase server and desktop computer hardware. Furthermore, cloud systems often eliminate the out of pocket expense for server and desktop operating system licenses as well as server client access licenses. A cloud based IT infrastructure is also an excellent way to give your employees the ability to access company resources from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Users can access your applications and resources just as if they were sitting in your office. Make your office anywhere.
  • Managed Hosted Infrastructure

    Some technologies and clients are still a better fit in traditional hosted environments. eVise continues to provide managed services in the original managed hosting model. This model provides most of the same benefits as the managed cloud offering and usually saves our clients more than 40% of their original IT operations cost. eVise can help you reduce or even eliminate high IT and management costs and create a customized infrastructure focused on your specific business requirements. Additionally, eVise can usually provide more features, security and scalability than your previous in-house infrasture while saving you money and time.
  • Remote Systems Management

    If your company prefers to keep IT resources in-house but would like to reduce management costs and increase uptime, eVise remote management services can assure system uptime by proactively managing your servers, workstations and network. This service covers the entire systems management scope: server monitoring & management, workstation management, router/firewall management, and security policy management and reactive response. Furthermore, eVise has engineered a way to manage your resources and react to problems immediately from our NOC. Over 98% of all IT related issues can be solved directly from our network operations center, without the need for time consuming and costly onsite technician. However, should an expert be needed on site, our relationships with national and local technology professionals will ensure a rapid response that solves your problem correctly.

Managed Service Benefits

Cloud Services Benefits

  • Eliminate server hardware costs
  • Eliminate out of pocket server OS costs
  • Eliminate out of pocket server client costs
  • Virtually eliminate capitalized costs
  • Instantly increase/decrease resources
  • Pay only for the resources you use
  • Customized infrastructure, tailored to your business needs
  • Built-in disaster recovery plans
  • Recover systems to point-in-time
  • Full recovery in less than 1 hour
  • Access systems from anywhere
  • Centrallized management
  • Reduced management costs - lower TCO

Managed Hosting Benefits

  • Significantly reduce capitalized costs
  • Reduce or eliminate server hardware costs
  • Reduce or eliminate network hardware costs
  • Customized infrastructure, tailored to your business needs
  • Access systems from anywhere
  • Centrallized management
  • Reduced management costs - lower TCO

Remote Management Benefits

  • Customized support plan
  • Daily management of server, network, & desktop systems
  • Monitoring of systems & security policies
  • Proactive response to issues & threats
  • Reduced management costs - lower TCO